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12500bbl Liquid Mud Plant in Mid-East


In mid-June of this year, Brightway's 12500bbl liquid mud plant is doing equipment installation and commissioning work at an oilfield site in the Middle East. The liquid mud plant was designed and produced by Brightway for customers in the second half of last year, and the project site construction began this year. This is another major cooperation of Brightway in the field of mud plant construction.


12500bbl Liquid Mud Plant in Mid-East


The masterplan of the 12500bbl liquid mud plant is provided by the client company. Brightway is responsible for the design of the entire mud station, the production of core equipment and supporting equipment. The project lasted 8 months from production to transportation to on-site installation and commissioning. The liquid mud plant is located in the Middle East which is a tropical desert climate. It is hot and dry all year round. Therefore, customers have relatively high standards for the construction of mud stations. The equipment and electrical control system of liquid mud plant must meet the high temperature resistance and local environmental standards. Brightway keeps in close communication with customers to meet customers' requirements in design, production, transportation and service.


12500bbl Liquid Mud Plant


At present, the basic equipment of the liquid mud plant has been completed, and its supporting equipment includes mud separation equipment, mud storage equipment, mud mixing unit, electrical control equipment, and other auxiliary equipment have been installed. After completing the corresponding commissioning work, it will be put into operation. After the completion of the liquid mud plant, it will realize the centralized treatment of oil-based mud at the drilling site, which will greatly improve the utilization rate of the mud at the drilling construction site.


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