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BWZCQ270 Drilling Fluids Vacuum Degasser Delivered To Customer


On October 9th, a set of BWZCQ270 drilling fluids vacuum degasser was shipped out and ready to be delivered to customers.

BWZCQ270 Drilling Fluids Vacuum Degasser

This set of drilling fluids vacuum degasser will be sent to a drilling mud solids control site in a domestic oilfield to update and replace the obsolete degasser equipment of the original solids control system. Its working principle is to use the suction effect of the vacuum pump to break the mud in the vacuum tank under the action of the rotor to the gas-liquid separator through the working principle of negative pressure, and discharge harmful gases under the action of negative pressure. According to different drilling depths, negative pressure degasser with different processing capacity are selected.

Drilling Fluids Vacuum Degasser

As a manufacturer of drilling fluids vacuum degasser for oilfield drilling, Brightway can produce and sell vacuum degassing equipment with different processing capacity, atmospheric pressure, vacuum, vertical, horizontal and other structures and principles according to different drilling depths. Brightway can provide BWZCQ270 drilling fluids vacuum degasser, BWZCQ300 drilling fluids vacuum degasser, BWZCQ360 drilling fluids vacuum degasser, etc.. For more information:

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